Services and Price List

I design and create a number of unique hand-made products. These products range from rag dolls, garters and ring cushions to bags, baby quilts and blankets, all of which can be tailor made to your liking. If you have an idea, I can make it happen. Should you wish to personalise a product, you may wish to have it hand embroidered, machine stitched or appliquéd. You might also like to specify everything from the type of fabric used to the style/colour of stitching it incorporates. Such requests are not only expected but welcomed! As all tailor-made/customised creations require an individual approach, the time needed to complete each order varies. Quotations for such orders are issued once a final design has been agreed upon.

Alteration services:

You will find a list of prices for common alterations below. Please note that these are just guide prices though as each alteration is an individual undertaking with varying factors to consider. Where possible, a definite price will be given at the time of order.


skirts alterations

• Shorten hem £10
• Shorten hem (with lining) £14
• Take in sides (without waist band) £8


dress alterations

• Take in bust darts £8
• Take in sides / letting out (without zip) £14
• Shortening shoulder straps £6
• Shortening hems (with lining) £14


trouser alterations

• Trouser shortening, plain £7.00
• Take in waist from £8


jacket alterations

• Shortening sleeves ( without opening) £12
• Take in centre back seam £12 - £15
• Shortening jacket £16
• Elbow patches £12